Biruni University Faculty of Dentistry Hospital has been serving in our Topkapı campus since 2015 with its 3000 m2 area, 5 floors, 105 unit capacity and its new design, most of which have been converted into private patient clinics. Our vision as Biruni University Faculty of Dentistry Hospital; contributing to the development of oral and dental health practices with education and research studies, providing the best diagnosis and treatment of oral and dental diseases by using all the possibilities of modern dentistry, providing quality oral and dental care to our patients without compromising ethical principles, respecting patient rights, To be a leading reference center at national and international level, which trains dentists, prioritizes preventive health services.

Our hospital infrastructure, the experience and training of our physicians and employees, the quality of our health service delivery and the peaceful and safe treatment of our patients are an impressive part of our treatments. In this period when digital dentistry applications are gaining weight, we are proud to lead the sector with our Cad / Cam Laboratory, Prosthesis Laboratory, Transparent Plaque R&D center and to serve with advanced technology methods.

Biruni University Faculty of Dentistry has achieved success in the international platform and offers qualified health services to patients with its strong academic staff, specialist doctors and experienced healthcare professionals.

Biruni University Dental Hospital offers advanced diagnosis and treatment services under the leadership of science with its superior technological equipment, distinguished academic staff and patient-oriented service understanding. Our hospital, which offers advanced treatment methods in eight main disciplines in oral and dental health simultaneously with the world, is also a reference center for international patients.

In our Faculty of Dentistry, which has 8 departments, we gather all your dental diagnoses and treatments under one roof with our specialist dentists.
• Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
• Orthodontics
• Prosthetic Dentistry
• Periodontology
• Endodontics 
• Restorative
• Pedodontics

Our department welcomes our pediatric patients aged 0-13 and performs procedures under local or general anesthesia when needed.
Our Dentistry students, who are educated in the light of science, conduct patient admission and application training with specialist physicians in their 4th and 5th grades in private clinics designed for them in our hospital. Biruni University Dental Hospital is a foundation establishment and its primary goal is to provide patient satisfaction with fast and safe treatment, to change habits in dental treatments, to ensure that treatment procedures are performed by specialist physicians, and to increase the quality of life of patients by using advanced technology methods. Since the day it was founded, it continues to achieve the firsts in the sector with its strong staff, without losing its feature of being a pioneer institution in its field, equipped with the latest technology, distinguished staff and high quality health service.