Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry enables people to have a healthy and aesthetic mouth. Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry; It performs the treatment of tooth decay, worn teeth, colored teeth (whitening), sensitive teeth, intermittent teeth, broken teeth, teeth with deformities in shape, texture and form, and slight crowding.

For these treatments, luminous white fillings, porcelain fillings (inlay-onlay), fiber applications, bleaching methods, desensitizers, laser technology and lamina applications are used.

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Amalgam filling has been used for years as a filling material by hardening as a result of the reaction of silver, copper, tin and zinc metal powders with mercury in different proportions. The rumors in the media that the amalgam filling is harmful due to the mercury in it causes question marks in the patients. Today, although amalgam filling is not used much compared to the past, it is applied by the physician when necessary. The mercury in the cured amalgam filling has reacted and is not released as claimed. It has been reported that more mercury is taken from a fish that is eaten. Patients should not change their amalgam fillings based on the media coverage, because each removal will weaken the dental tissue a little more. Patients can get the healthiest information by going to the dentist.

As a result of the intake of carbohydrate group foods (especially sugar group) and not being removed from the tooth surface within a certain period of time, microorganisms in the mouth multiply and break down these nutrients and begin to decay the dental tissue by producing acid. If tooth decay is diagnosed at the initial stage, they can be kept under control with preventive treatment and follow-up. If there is a significant cavitation in the tooth, the decayed part should be cleaned and filled with a suitable filling material. Since each patient is evaluated within his own situation, an option applied to one patient may not be suitable for another patient. The healthiest result is to go to the dentist and learn the appropriate treatment options for the person.

Teeth whitening treatment is an application performed by the dentist in case of need for living and non-living teeth. Chemical agents such as carbamide peroxide are applied to the teeth in various concentrations. The factor that patients should pay attention to here is that these procedures are definitely performed under the recommendation and supervision of a physician. Undesirable results may occur, especially if the whitening agents sold in the market are applied by the patient on their own without the supervision of the dentist. Conditions such as caries, cracks, old fillings in the teeth where this treatment will be applied are first treated under the control of the dentist, and then treated with the appropriate agent and time.

While porcelain crowns usually need replacement after a few years, zirconia crowns have shown a 99 percent survival rate after five years. Both porcelain and zirconia are custom-made to look very natural. However, zirconia is multicolored and highly translucent.